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Vishwanath Anand: Profile

Viswanathan Anand, who turned 35 in December 2004, has throughout his career, for almost 20 years now, been way ahead of his times and peers. One of the best known non-Russian and Asian chess players, Anand has often been given sobriquets like “Lightning Kid” and "Vishy, the Tiger from Madras". Born on December 11, 1969, he picked his early lessons in chess, at the age of six from his mother, Susila Viswanathan.
By 14 he was the “Boy Wonder” in Indian chess and his assets, lightning speed, ability to see and read the game far ahead besides on-board intuition saw him emerge as the Youngest Indian National Champion at age of 16.
In 1987 he became the First Asian to win the World Junior Championship at Baguio City in the Philippines. The same year he became the first Indian to earn the coveted Grandmaster title.
As he grew in strength and reputation, in 1991, he won the strongest tournament at that time, The “Reggio Emilia” in Italy in 1991 ahead of Kasparov & Karpov.
The pinnacle of his career was achieved on December 24, 2000 when Anand became the 15th World Chess Champion in Teheran. Anand won the championship by remaining unbeaten. By winning the title, Anand becomes the First Asian to win the title ending many years of Soviet Domination of the Ancient Indian game.

Vishwanath Anand : Career

Leading finishes and other significant achievements of Viswanathan Anand since 1991
Anand second at Corus Super Grandmasters in Holland
attempting an unprecedented hat-trick of titles at Corus GM tournament in Wijk Aan Zee, Anand finished second in the 13-round tournament.

Anand third at Linares
Anand returning to Linares after a gap finished third in this strong tournament, which was also the last for Garry Kasparov, who after the event announced his retirement, making Anand the highest ranked active player in the world.

Anand awarded 2004 Chess Oscar for second year running and fourth time overall
Anand has become the first non-Russian to win the coveted Chess Oscar for the fourth time. The Indian ace was voted as the winner by a huge margin by the Chess community in the poll conducted by the Russian chess magazine ‘64’. This is the second straight year Anand has been elected winner of the Award and is the fourth time overall after previous wins in 1997, 1998 and 2003.

GM Viswanathan Anand - 2004 Review and first half of 2005

"I just won everything I played. That is an awesome feeling,” said Viswanathan Anand, when asked to comment on the year 2004.
Into 2005, the feelings and euphoria of 2004 continued as Anand was adjudged winner of the Chess Oscar for 2004, the results of which became known only in 2005. Anand finished way ahead of his arch-rival Garry Kasparov for the second straight year. It was Anand’s fourth Chess Oscar and he is the first non-Russian to win it four times.
In 2005, Anand made a clean sweep of titles at the Melody Amber Rapid and Blindfold tournament, winning all three sections. It was the second time, such a feat had been achieved and it was Anand himself who did it on the earlier occasion.
Anand also won the Leon Rapid Chess title once again. In the past, Anand had won the advanced title three times in a row from 1999 to 2001.

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What Citizens Says:

Mahesh Shah, California, USA, says:
Congratulations! Your success is no less important than the cricket World Cup. In fact your glory is much more to be proud of because you did it all by your self. We are proud of your success.
Jagdish Shinde, Sydney, Australia, says:
This could not have come at a better time for India and for you too, when we are submerged in celebrating our cricketing and other outdoor sporting achievements. Stamping your (Indian) greatness in chess on the world chess map really makes every Indian proud of him. We all love you and wish you all the best.
Vaghela B D, Ahmedabad, says:
Undoubtedly an extraordinary achievement by Mr. Vishwanathan Anand. Hearty Congratulations to him. Cricket is different kind of game for which people can go mad and the money stake involved is huge. People are not frenzied and Mr. Anand may not get similar reception despite his spectacular show.